Crypto War Tanks
What is Crypto WarTanks?
Crypto War Tanks is the game you were waiting for, since it is a Play-To-Earn with which you will not only earn money but also enjoy playing. Who doesn't have fun shooting with a tank while eliminating enemies?
We are a NFTs tank shooter game created and distributed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network where you will earn our $CWT token based on your skills in the game. You will not need to pay commissions on each game, only to withdraw the $CWT you earn every 15 days.
There is a free-to-play version of the game with no investment required, but you will not earn any money and it will be just for fun or practice. In the future, an ELO system will be implemented so that the best performers in free-to-play mode can earn NFTs.
To play and earn $CWT you will need at least 1 NFT.
You can play a maximum of 10 games per day to earn $CWT, since you spend 1 energy for each game played and the maximum energy is 10. For that you will need 10 tanks, but depending on their rarity you can play up to 4 times with the same tank. Take a look at the energy section.
You can play unlimited games with each tank in competitive matches to increase your ranking and win exclusive rewards at the end of the season, but those games will not have any reward, only the first one you play per day. The day restarts at 00:00 UTC.
There are three types of tanks and each one has three types of rarities and variables that make them all different from each other, and the same type of tank and rarity can have more offensive or more defensive values randomly.
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